Cuckolding Lifestyle

July 20, 2018

 Living a Cuckold Lifestyle

Some men believe in spicing their relationships up with their wives or partners by doing some super-exciting things that are considered taboo for the rest of the world. It’s not easy to watch your partner or significant other having sex with someone else with all the comfort and dignity. But for some men with so-called social status, it is quite a normal thing. They love to watch their wives or partners acting on their adulterous fantasies and like to indulge in a physical act of unusual nature that would provide them a feeling of comfort, security, and luxury.

According to a unanimous opinion based on different theories backed by sex and behavioral experts, acting on adulterous fantasies, whims, and desires may strengthen a relationship. This indicates that sexual fetish of having a taboo intercourse with a third person provides an immense pleasure and feelings of comfort and sexual satisfaction to both cuckold and cuckoldress. Before we dive more into the details, let’s just know what Cuckolding actually means…

What is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is about a guy who loves to get turned on by watching his hotwife, partner or other significant half having a sexual intercourse of unusual nature with some third person. In modern day Cuckolding, this third person is usually considered the bull. A man that is well endowed with strong, masculine features and personality. In most Cuckolding porn this third is portrayed as a strong African American man, often times having the Cuckolding experience with a white couple. Not only does the Cuck receive complete satisfaction by seeing his wife get fucked by the bull, some Cucks also love to be humiliated in the process. This concept is inspired by a cuckoo bird, who has multiple sexual partners and has a tendency to lay its eggs in other bird’s nest. In simplest terms, Cuckolding is an open lifestyle where a husband or a partner deliberately allows his wife or partner to have sex with whomever she likes for his own comfort and luxury.

Who Would Benefit From Going About The Lifestyle?

Over the years, this perhaps matriarchal, women-centric concept has become increasingly popular among both men and women with extraordinary sexual desires that are commonly considered taboo in the society. Both men and women who practice Cuckolding get themselves involved in a role-playing activity where one enjoys hardcore sex of unusual nature with the third person and other watches it closely to find his/her own comfort and feeling of luxury in the act. This overall humiliation sounds super-fascinating as it appeals men and women on primal, sociocultural, sociopolitical and intellectual levels and that’s the reason why people sometimes call it an intellectual fetish.

Undoubtedly, normal or straight men and women consider cuckolding blasphemous and against the law of nature. However, some men and women find it super exciting and stimulating to get involved in cuckolding for getting turned on by watching their partner or other significant half having an unusual sexual intercourse with the third person.

What in it for the woman?

This is an empowerment fetish for women! Our society has made us feel that we are supposed to be ladies, that take care of the home and our families, be monogamous and classy all at the same time! This is powerful for the-lady-in-the-red-fetish-gear who is likely to get laid with multiple partners of her own choice without being questioned by her husband! She's able to feel sexy again, she's able to feel good about her body. This indicates that cuckolding provides greater sexual satisfaction for the female partner and she’s less likely to cheat on her husband, which will ultimately create a stronger bond between the primary couple and increase the confidence-level upon each other. For husbands, voyeurism alone is enough to excite them with everything!


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