Women Only!

Definition: #PussyTruama 

- Negative Experiences

- Traumatic Experiences

- Spiritual/Sexual Blockages


#PussyTrauma was created by Nicole Powell in the spring of 2019. Nikki saw a gap in the area of comprehensive sexuality education with marginalized groups. This group is designed to give women of all backgrounds a safe space to be free in their sexuality without fearing judgment from themselves or others.  We share in our experiences, good and bad, we relate, we encourage, we lift up, we motivate.


We encourage self-compassion, greater self-esteem and confidence, which increase autonomy, strength, and resilience. Groups are effective in supporting the needs of women in the early stages of healing. Our healing is coming straight from the womb, our root chakra, our creative space, our life force energy. 


We share our deepest secrets, darkest fantasies, and we get our sexual questions answered. A little birdy once told me where you are in your sex life, reflects where you are in LIFE. 


We cater to women only in this group, so men aren't able to kill our vibe. This is a judgment-free zone, and disrespect is never tolerated. This is a closed group so only those that have been accepted by the administrator will be able to see your posts. You do have the ability to invite any friends that you think are also on the road to healing. Feel free to chime in whenever you see fit. 

1st Bi-Monthly #PussyTrauma Meet & Greet


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