Dramatically curved toward maximum sweet-spot contact, unfailingly powerful in its ten possible modes of synchronized or independent vibration and featuring an ergonomic shape perfect for marathon pleasure sessions, the Silhouette collection's S19 elevates a fierce favorite to unprecedented levels of orgasmic bliss. 

Subtly pointed at the supple yet firm, ultra precise tip, the S19's much-loved rabbit shape offers lots of length to play with, providing deep, ultra satisfying placement absolutely capable of inspiring g-spot pleasure. Reaching upward from the midpoint, a smoothly swollen stimulator targets the clitoris with its silky, all-encompassing shape as the shaft works magic inside. 

Designed with three motors manning specific pleasure points, the S19 can be customized perfectly- two are located in the tip and shaft while the third waits in the clitoral tickler. Enjoy synchronized vibration or more targeted pleasure using two buttons on a simple interface- the top controls the shaft and tip function while the bottom activates and varies the tickler mode. Ideal for travel, the S19 features a travel lock easily activated by holding both buttons down for several seconds, repeat to unlock.


Fully rechargeable, the S19 powers up at any free USB port or via a compatible wall adapter. A 2.5 hour charge will see the battery at full capacity, resulting in up to 1.75 continuous hours of enjoyment (depending on mode and intensity) and lots of stand-by time. Required USB charge cord included. 

Completely hypoallergenic and ideal for pleasure seekers with irritation-prone skin, the this Silhouette piece is  incredibly hygienic, sanitizing thoroughly with warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid. Always choose a great quality water-based lubricant to enjoy in combination, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products. Fully waterproof.




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