Thick and irresistibly curvy, easily stimulating the sweetest of inner and outer pleasure points, the Bendies collection presents the Fluttering G to orgasmic advantage.

Sexily up-curled, even in default position, its swollen tip targeting the G and other nerve-ending rich interior areas, the Fluttering 'G' can be angled even more dramatically. Deep at the core of a subtly wavy shaft, a strategically flexible vertebrae twists, bends and curves, maintaining position once reached. 

Thrilling the clitoris and surrounding areas, a huge butterfly pleases from below. A supple surface only enhances the incomparable sensation of two fluttering wings buzzing with full-coverage love- ten possible modes of synchronized vibration are mimicked in the shaft above.

Driving the G's two powerful motors through their synchronized paces of steady, pulsating and escalation vibration, a single push button waits within always-easy reach at the honey-dipper base. Lit with softly glowing led's visible even in dark play spaces, the button needs just to be held down for a few seconds to activate- press repeatedly to cycle through the vibration options. Featuring a unique memory chip function, the Fluttering 'G' will save the last vibe mode, starting it up automatically next time.

Ideal for pleasure seekers with even very sensitive skin, the Pure Silicone comprising the 'G' is perfectly body-friendly, boasting hypoallergenic and amazingly hygienic properties. Thanks to a nonporous nature, silicone won't harbor bacteria or otherwise- a good scrub in warm soapy water and/or a good toy cleaner will thoroughly sanitize. Always choose to enjoy a good water based lubricant in combination, if desired, silicone based lube formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products. Requires 3AAA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

Silicone Bendies Fluttering "G" Vibe in Blue



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