Always ready to be taken advantage of, the Butt Banger is a sexy stroker geared toward men, like many of Colt's fantastic offerings. Shaped into an irresistible anal opening with soft balls underneath, The Butt Banger is super supple, with an ultra lifelike feel and a nubby inner texture that grips you firmly, warms to the touch and keeps it's shape like real skin. Fitting securely in hand, the outer portion of the sleeve can be squeezed to customize your ideal amount of friction, plus, the open ended back can be covered with a finger to increase suction, if desired. The innovative Futurotic material making up the Banger needs to be washed and dried completely before storing, if it gets tacky after use, simply sprinkle with the included maintenance powder or some cornstarch to restore the silky smooth feel. Always choose a great quality water based lube to increase your pleasure and help keep the material strong and lasting. The Butt Banger is approximately 5 inches long and stretches to fit most men. Phthalate free.


Colt Butt Banger Masturbator



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