The Play Party

I wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself to all of my new subscribers! I am Sex Coach Nikki, I'm a sacred sex worker and sex coach here in the St.Louis, Mo. area. Although, I do cater to clients all across the world thanks to the Interwebs. I started my journey in the sex industry about two years ago. I initially started with selling sex toys and the research in that took me deeper and deeper...

I later started doing phone sex which I absolutely fell in love with. I spoke with men all over the world in regard to their kinky fetishes, and the "taboo" things that made them tick. Sometimes I even got off by taking my clients there... I knew in that moment I was exactly where I needed to be and wanted more out of it. I transitioned into doing sex coaching after I saw many of my clients had a need for therapy.

I not only work with many male clients via the interwebs but I also have a group on Facebook that I manage called #pussytrauma. I help women dive into the traumatic experiences of their wombs. We work together by sharing stories and experiences in order to purge the negativity within our wombs which brings on enlightenment and creativity. This group is my way of giving back to the community, as many aren't able to afford coaching/therapy. I am happy to be of service and am hopeful that I will reach and teach many on this platform.

When I thought of The Play Party October 2018 it was that, just a thought. I wanted nude people walking around, spankings, drag queens... hell, I would of loved for people to be fucking. When I decided to actually bring this to life I knew I had to scale it back a bit. I'm still in shock knowing that it all came to fruition from one tiny idea. So at this point I guess I'll add sex party impresario to the list of "things that I do."

The Play Party happened on March 23rd 2018, it took place at Artist Art in the Cherokee district of St.Louis. A small quaint establishment with dim lighting, and just enough space for 100 guest. As the night went on and drinks started to flow I could tell everyone was letting their guard down and simply going with the flow. What I wished we'd had was a bit more crowd interaction and participation. Different ice breakers to cut the ice, and get the party going. I'll be incorporating this aspect for the summer Play Party and I'm open to any advice any one would have for me.

From what I heard and saw, everyone enjoyed themselves and felt the party was well worth it! Look..... I'm going to be transparent! I didn't make any money!! Which wasn't my initial goal in the first place, my only goal was to create an amazing atmosphere for like minded individuals to come and have a good time! However, I lost money... I don't take it as a L but a learning lesson. My hope is to put this party on quarterly but I'm going to need the help of my community this time and I won't be afraid to ask!

I need Sponsors! Ideally sex related sponsors so there can be an even exchange. I am determined to make this party the staple of the like minded culture quarterly and their is no doubt that I can do this! Thank you to all that attended my first event, and for all of those I'll see here in July! Until then feel free to book a phone sex session, sex coaching session... or tune in to my Sexpectations Podcast coming very soon!

Oh... and I'm a nudist also! Enjoy ;-)

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