Becoming a Full Time Sex Worker Part II

Sorry this took so long yaull!

My life is a mess currently. I have a bagillion things going on. I am currently certified as a Sex Coach, but not legit as far as the state is concerned. I decided in June to pursue my master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling & Therapy that way I can be truly considered a clinical sex therapist by the state. It's taking the majority of my time, however it will all be worth it! My long term goal is to start seeing clients face to face which is something I currently do not offer. My Skype sessions will remain the same that way I can still service individuals all over the world which I enjoy so much. I am currently not accepting any new clients due to the little time I do have. My current clients, I will remain available to you by appointment only and truly appreciate your business!

The Play Party is coming very quickly 03.23.19 and I hope to see all of you there. Please visit The Play Party page on my website to get a better idea on what you can expect, and purchase your ticket!

So those were my announcements...

Now to the juicy shit!

So I ended Part I talking about my personality turning "savage" after men left me with broken hearts after I'd given my body to them.

As young women, a lot of times we associate sex with love and really don't understand how to separate the two. I definitely fell victim to that. Prior to going into "savage" mode I got into a relationship with a guy 10 years my senior and we were together for 3 years, on and off for the last two. He was extremely insecure and abusive. Our relationship was extremely volatile and toxic. The relationship included infidelity, loss of trust, and physical altercations time after time. It was when I finally got enough nerve to leave him was I able to pick up the pieces of my broken life. I was physically and mentally broken after that relationship. I couldn't look in the mirror and see myself which was extremely frustrating and exhausting. I knew that it was going to take a lot of work to get back to me, however that didn't happen immediately.

First, I decided to indulge in SEX! A heck of a lot of SEX! I was like a dog in heat getting out the house for the first time in its adult hood. I literally wanted to have sex with every man I saw, and I almost did just that. I picked up men in bars and asked them to go home with me. I had a sugar daddy that i'd been with in my youth that I decided to bring back around, I solicited men off craigslist for various fantasies I wanted to fulfill. Old friends, barbers, LOL.... anyone I was attracted to was fair game.

I had a "sugar daddy" that I'd met when I was 18 right before getting into my first long term relationship. We'd had so many experiences together. He use to take me up to Chicago to NIU. His son played college football there. We would go up to the games, we would hang out at the clubs all night and he would have us staying in the penthouse suite at the W on Michigan Ave. overlooking Lake Michigan. OH MY GOODNESS, some of my BEST sexual experiences were with this man. We were actually in love at one point in our relationship but he was MARRIED! Of course for a young 19 year old girl that was picture perfect, ya know... no commitment. It came to a point where we got so close he felt comfortable enough talking to be about the problems he had with his wife. I started to feel sorry for her from a far. I had to cut him off, however he still came in and out of my life for years, even while I was in the 5 year relationship with my ex. "Big" which is what I called him, never went anywhere, he was always there and we were always friends. I still have so much love for him to this day. He was and still is a great business man, he taught me a lot, and gave me some of the best experiences of my life.

After the 50 shades of grey trilogy came out I was determined to have my own "Christian Grey." I turned to craigslist and made an ad looking for my personal Christian Grey and I found him. Contrary to what I thought this man would be like upon meeting him he was actually a upstanding individual, a lot like Mr. Grey. He was a nice looking African American professional male, principal of a local high-school and he enjoyed dominating and having good sex. We had a marvelous sexual relationship for about 6-7 months until I grew weary of that.

After I grew weary of that a couple months went by and I wanted the BDSM experience again, but with someone different. lol I turned to craigslist again and found a man that was able to give me yet another AMAZING BDSM experience. My GOD, I was totally out there!

At this point in my adulthood I was 23 years old and understood how to separate sex from love. Me being able to do that allowed me to have some of the best sexual experiences of my life. I continued on my sexcapades sleeping with different guys, going on dates with couples that were interviewing me to be a third in their relationship. Which was something I could never do, I never could allow myself to be someone else's hoe. LOL!

I also never had the desire to have multiple men at one time, even though now I sometimes regret that decision, hehe! There wasn't much I wouldn't do sexually. I enjoyed tossing the salad of my long time partner, using dildos on him, anal, sex toys, bdsm ext. I truly wanted to explore all things sex because I really started to understand that my love for sex was DEEP! Sex was everything to me, almost like when someone went to the gym and received their euphoric high... that's what I got from sex.

To be continued.........


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