Becoming a Full Time Sex Worker Part I


This is one anticipated ass story that a lot of my followers, and clients have been wanting to hear.

I won't be able to give it all to you in one blog post.

I haven't really shared my journey of becoming totally in tune with my sexuality, really ever. I guess it was always a mixture of shame and guilt mixed in with a whole lot of pleasure and "feel good" emotions. It really was never anyone's business besides myself and my universe anyway (lol). However, now that I have fully emerged myself in the life of SEX professionally and personally (yes i give it GOOD to my husband) I feel like its a perfect time to share my personal SEX journey, and what tickles my feathers.

Sooooo........ *Takes deep breath*.

I fell in love with sex when I was 7 years old. Yes 7!

No, I didn't get raped, molested, or touched as a young girl... I explored and learned everything I know today on my own, and YES it started at 7 years old.

I don't know if you remember back when Real Sex used to come on HBO back in the 90's, it was on regular cable. We had television in our room, and mom let us (my brother and I) keep the televisions on all night. So of course if it was a tossing and turning kind of night, I would some how stumble across Real Sex. I knew NOTHING about sex, however my natural instincts kicked in immediately. Something in my body woke up, like, WHAT'S UP BITCH!

I would get horny (not knowing what horny was at that age) and start playing with my vagina. Nothing would happen when I would just play with my vagina, even though, it would feel sooooo good. I then started to rub my thighs together, and what would happen is, my clitoris would then rub at the same time and I would cum (not knowing what cumming was). After I came, that took me to another level of what I wanted to find out next. I was like damn! That felt good! What else could make me feel good like that!? So I started making myself cum on a regular basis from about 7 to 10. I would do it anywhere, in class, sitting on the couch with someone else, in the bathtub, right before bed, I mean literally any and everywhere it was such a discreet move, no one could tell I was literally masturbating.

It got to a point where I wanted to know what else my body was capable of. So by the time I reached 10 I wanted something inside of my vagina. I would take glue sticks, antibiotic ointment tubes, really anything shaped like a penis. I would wrap it up in saran wrap, and I would fuck myself with it. I would do this on a regular basis and my parents had absolutely no idea what was going on. I would lock myself in my room, do what I needed to do and appear again once I was finished. This went on until I was 12, when I got to middle school and around young boys of course my hormones went APE SHIT! I wanted to fuck everything walking, and that I almost did LOL. So I lost my virginity finally at 12, however it didn't feel like I lost my virginity (since I really lost it to myself).

I had about 6 or 7 sex partners by the time I reached the age of 18 (I can't remember how many to be honest). I was addicted to sex! My life was surrounded by getting my fix of dick one way or another. By the time I reached 18 (THANK GOD) I was old enough to buy a sex toy. The sex toy stores wouldn't let you come in unless you were 18 or older. So I bought my first sex toy at 18 and my goodness I was so thankful to finally have a toy. I had my first girl on girl experience at 18 as well with a young lady that I went to high school with, and it was the BEST girl on girl experience I have had to this day. She knows who she is, and if you are reading this ~~~ KISSES & HUGS I MISS YOU!

Once I was able to indulge in sex toys it slowed down my rampage quite a bit. I was able to get my fix without a actual dick. Men grew weary on me, I associated love with sex a lot at that age. So of course a lot of heart break came with all the SEXCAPADES. By the time I finally understood what men were in it for, I was pretty much done. At that point I was on SAVAGE mode, ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN.



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