Sex Work.

Sex Work? What is Sex Work?

Sex workers are women, men, and transgendered individuals who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services. and who consciously define those activities as income generating even if they do not consider sex work as their occupation. Sex worker can also be defined as; a person whose work involves sexually explicit behavior.

There is no one sex industry. Escorting, street hustling, stripping, being a phone sex operator, porn stars, and performing sex for webcams. The range of labor that falls under the umbrella of “the sex industry” makes speaking of just one sometimes feel incompetent. To breakdown all commercial sex that way often risks conjuring something so flat and shallow that it would only reinforce the claim that all sex for sale results from the same phenomenon—violence, deviance or desperation.

You will normally see a lot of acts of violence when it comes to escorting and prostitution which could be considered one in the same. There are many ways to indulge in the prostitution lifestyle.

You can consider yourself an escort. Escorts consider themselves much more professional, and maybe “high class” compared to a regular street hustler. These individuals are crushingly sexy, nice face small waste. However, you do have your categories as well when it comes to “high class prostitution.” Some prefer BBW (big beautiful women) others prefer, Ebony (black women), and some would like to be with a transgendered woman, ultimately it is based on preference. Most professional escorts have elaborate websites, with nude photographs taken by a professional photographer. Their verbiage is quite articulate, showcasing what they offer and provide to their Johns. Normally, the ladies will offer a couple of different very high priced packages for their time. They will offer overnight excursions, dinner dates, quick hotel out calls, traveling dates, ext. The prices for these services will range anywhere from $1000 on the low in, to $6000 on the high end. It’s safe to say that these ladies aren’t missing a beat. Many of them do extensive background checks, and Social Media investigations prior to meeting the gentlemen. There is no question that the line of sex work these ladies have chosen is extremely lucrative. There is sill many risks involved, there are many crazy men in the world that will try their luck at any chance they get. There is also always the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and the like. Even being a classy prostitute can be a very violent, and deviant world. Its important to be extremely cautious in this lifestyle.

Being a street hustling whore is really no different, except many of these women are strung out on drugs, looking for the next john to give them a quick $20 dollars so they can go get their fix. Many of them hop from hotel to motel, or car and give quick sloppy toppies. Some street hustling whores list themselves on Backpage, and other online ad listing sites to pick up their next victim. In this lifestyle background checks are never done, the woman risk putting themselves in compromising situations that sometimes they can’t get themselves out of. These are the women that are often picked up and booked by the police for deliberately offering themselves in exchange for money or personal goods on the street.

Strippers have one of the more glamourous sex work lifestyles out there. Strippers work in night clubs, or what we would refer to as as strip joint. They wear very revealing clothing and know how to do elaborate dance moves on a stripper pole. Men will sometimes pay them for lap dances, a woman will shake her rump in his lap for up to 10 minutes in exchange for a payment. If a woman is doing an amazing job on the pole, men will throw money at her. Strippers that are really good at what they do can easily rack in $500 a night. Strippers that work at high end strip clubs or well known strip clubs like Magic City in Atlanta Georgia can make an easy $1000 a night on the low in. The amazing thing about stripping sex work, is they never have to actually have physically contact with their Johns. It is more like a fantasy line of sex work. At some strip clubs especially the lower end ones, they will take Johns in the back and offer physical contact in exchange for money.

Phone sex is one of those 1980’s lines of sex work that is still thriving today. Many would think that the phone sex industry would have increasingly plummeted with the rise of technology, but you are sadly mistaken. Many men use the phone sex lines to share their deepest darkest secrets that they would never feel comfortable sharing not even with a licensed therapist. They can’t share their feelings with friends, family, not even their wives. Most of them use the Sex lines as a sense of relief. Many don’t call anymore just for plain old vanilla phone sex. Many have new found fetishes like cuckholding, hot wife husband, public masturbation, mommy, ext. The list literally goes on and on, there are over 200 fetishes in this industry. It’s a huge demand for a phone sex operator. Most phone sex operators will make three figures on a good day, two figures on a down day. The most amazing part of this line of sex work, is the customer will never have a chance to ever see you, or your body. They will only hear your sweet voice on the other end of the telephone. There are many platforms with todays technology that allows you to have a great business running your own personal phone sex line. This here in my opinion is the upper echelon of sex work. You can make six figures sitting behind your phone, giving advice and cum lessons.

You can also include webcam services when offering phone sex, or make it a separate entity all together. Many women thrive daily behind their cameras in a pretty section in their homes. They will give paying customers strip shows, teases, and the like. Some men desire to be watched as well why they are camming with a cam girl. They get off by having her tell him when to cum, when not to cum ext.

There is also no physical contact in this line of work, however it can be risky as the caller has your full face and body right on his screen. They do have blackmail contracts available so if the customer where to do anything with the webcam session that you allowed him to participate in with you, you can use his information against him.

Last, but not least… The Queen of the sex working categories PORN! Porn is a filmed video, a production having one or more actresses perform sexual acts on themselves or each other. Porn is then sold to the masses via video or online via multiple outlets. Porn of course is extremely lucrative, and can allow a porn star to make tons and tons of money. However, the emotional impact that it can have on an individual is extremely heavy. Many porn stars get in the game when they are very young, and feel that they don’t have a way out after that. Many leave very structured lifestyles, they come from the church, and religious backgrounds and they are looking for something different. In porn you have physical contact with up to two different men every single day. You put yourself at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, because a lot of the porn scenes are not protected with condoms. Your image is out there, when you decide you are ready to get out of the game you can’t go back and ask them to take down all your videos. Those images are out there forever. Its something that one would definitely need to think long and hard about before getting in the industry.

Sex is a billion dollar industry. There is a high demand that wont be going away anytime soon. Sex work is work, it should be treated as such. Many look down on women you decide to take the path of sex work, but don’t think about the mass of people that are utilizing their services on a daily basis. The sex industry can be what you make of it. Ask me how if you are interested in any lines of sex work.


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