Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Squirt!

Can you imagine a hot summer day, adults (no children) playing outside, using super soakers to wet each other up? Well, if you can picture that in your mind, you can also picture that sweet vagina squirting like a super soaker. Squirting is when fluid comes jetting out of a woman’s vagina, often accompanying orgasm.

Squirting also known as gushing is considered a unique phenomenon, we are certain that it is not! Every woman, at least in her prime can squirt. It seems like such an amazing experience, however not all women can experience this. Squirting has been up for hot debate for centuries, women wanting to know how they can achieve this remarkable skill.

Contrary to common belief, experts in the adult industry believe that squirting orgasms are very much possible for every woman. The main problem is that a large majority of men and women do not have any clue whatsoever of how to make a vagina squirt.

Here is how it works for women who regularly experience squirting orgasms. Very similar to the male prostate, women have glands called paraurethral glands. In females, these glands empty out into the urethra. The nerve roots of the clitoris surrounding the urethra make it an especially sensitive area which is commonly known as G-spot. If these glands are stimulated, which is normally achieved by hitting the g-spot they produce and secrete a clear, thin fluid.

The fluid is quite different from urine, even though most women feel like they have urinated or are about to that is why they try to contain it.

Stimulating the G-Spot makes the blood flow higher in these glands, which gets them to expel this liquid through the urethra. This is an important fact to keep in mind, as many people believe that women ejaculate through the vagina.

A woman’s ability to squirt also depends on how strong her pelvic muscles are. In case of weak muscles, your partner probably will not squirt and the fluid might just flow out instead. Simply put, the stronger her muscles, the more powerful her orgasm will be. Numerous studies have been conducted over the course of several years with the conclusion that there really is no limit to how strong a squirting orgasm can be.

Your partner can buy a metal or glass rounded shaped dildo that is designed to stimulate the g-spot. There are also way to help your partner squirt by inserting your fingers and finding the ridged skin on the top of the vagina.

Needless to say ladies, get those muscles tight, and start exploring!

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