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Tantra St.Louis
Tantra St.Louis

Nikki Powell is a sacred sex coach/educator, sex worker, and, sexual health advocate. As of March 2019's “The Play Party,” a sex-positive party impresario. Nikki takes on a revolutionary 21st century approach to sexuality, sexual health, and manifestation. She’s worked in the general healing arts for the last two years, with a forever evolving career.


Relationships and human sexuality for Nikki are never just black and white, just like people, and the more we recognize and accept our diversity, the closer we get to living a life of abundance in all aspects. 
Struggles in Nikki’s own personal sex life lead her to explore different tantric techniques and the world of womb trauma.


She has since started a popular Facebook group called #PussyTrauma which gives specifically African American women a voice to speak their trauma, shame, and guilt. Not only that, it’s a safe space to address any sexual needs, wants, and desires. Nikki has also started her tantric practice, offering tantric bodywork, and meditation services. 


She is currently pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis on Sexuality Therapy.

She has a passion for sex, please visit her blogs to find out why! Stay connected via Social Media and keep updated on when the next Play Party is and if it will be coming to a city near you! 

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