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Expertise In Emotional, Relational And Sexual Health

TADOW SEXUALITY is a private practice providing specialized sex coaching and tantric touch services for individual adult women, men and couples based in St.Louis, Missouri. 

Is Sex Coaching For Me?

Sex coaching can enhance your love life and physical intimacy. Individuals, or couples, who attend sex coaching are often struggling with issues that they have tried to sort through on their own, unsuccessfully, and are now seeking help. 

We focus on where you currently are in your sexuality journey, and where you are trying to go. I use a multitude of holistic methods to assist you with releasing any past trauma or pent up depression and anxiety. 

Is Tantric Touch For Me?

We often drive our lives on auto-pilot, forgetting to slow down and be present in the moment. The routines and familiarities take place of the sensuality, passion, and thrill we once had.


Rather you are single or coupled, tantra will help you slow down and get back to passion. Bringing awareness back into the body, slowing down the mind, and helping you become aware of all the amazing sensations your body has to offer. 

It's an erotic massage, with the finest essential oils, aromatherapy, and passion. 

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